Knowledge is Power

A General-Knowledge Quiz Book

By Satvinder Kaur


Exercise your brain and make dementia your enemy not your friend.




Research has shown that dementia is on the rise. Therefore, it is important not only to exercise your body but also your brain. These quizzes are a good way to exercise your brain, improve your general knowledge, use as a learning tool in homeschooling or in classrooms, use as fun games at parties or at home and are also useful for those who are preparing for the many quiz shows on TV these days. It also makes the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, graduation or anytime. These quizzes will help the brain stay active and delay the onset of dementia.

It will be money well spend as KNOWLEDGE IS ALWAYS A GAIN NEVER A LOSS.

Fifty cents from the sale of every copy will go VARIETY THE CHILDREN'S CHARITY.