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A handy, full-packed and explosive book of questions and answers on general knowledge awaits you in author Satvinder Kaur’s Knowledge is Power: A General-Knowledge Quiz Book. Highly informative and entertaining, this book fuels your minds and ignites you to be the master of general knowledge.


Having deep passion about ancient civilizations, Satvinder reads about different countries, cultures and anything to do with general knowledge and compiles all of them into one interesting, fun book.


Knowledge is Power: A General-Knowledge Quiz Book contains forty-five mind-boggling quizzes—fill in the blanks, multiple choice and mix and match—that allow you to discover things you never knew before. Learn about countries, inventions, mythology, popular food, traditional costumes and much, much more!


Reflecting the author’s wide knowledge and interests, Knowledge is Power: A General-Knowledge Quiz does not only test your knowledge, but also keeps your brain alert the whole time. This book is a useful learning tool in home-schooling and in classrooms and as a brain exercise for nursing homes.


This book will be available through the e-book format in about 45 days.


It is available at the following bookstores in British Columbia, at the Black Bond bookstores at Guildford Town Centre (604-589-3680), Central City mall (604-583-1282), South Surrey warehouse (604-536-4444) in Surrey, The Junction Centre in Mission (604-814-2650) and at Book Lovers' Haven in Vancouver (604-689-8884). It will be available at the Metrotown Chapters bookstore in Burnaby in May 2010 (604-431-0463).


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For every sale of the book, $0.50 will go to Variety: The Children's Charity.

This book is also available at the Chapters-Broadway and
Granville, Vancouver, B.C. (604-731-7822).




ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4415-9932-2

ISBN 13 (HB): 978-1-4415-9933-9




An article about the author has been written in the February/March 2010 MEHFIL MAGAZINE